Lloyd Valentine’s Funeral

Visitation – Monday February 3rd at 11 AM – 1 PM

Funeral – Monday February 3rd at 1 PM

All occurring at Mt. Zion church of Christ.

The family has requested that in leu of flowers donations be made to the Mt. Zion cemetery fund. If you would like to make donations to the Cemetery fund please mail donations to

Mt. Zion church of Christ

6900 County Road 61

Florence, AL 35634

Memo: Designated to Cemetery Fund in Memory of Lloyd Valentine

Please continue to keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.


We are always seeking clarity in our life. When we face troubles with our eyesight, we are prescribed eye drops, contact lenses, eyeglasses, or even corrective surgery. We take every precaution and every corrective measure to improve our eyesight and fix our vision. There is very little we wouldn’t do to prevent blurriness, headaches, and even blindness. Oh, by the way when we notice there is a problem, there is a level of urgency to correcting it. It is that important.

            Much the same, we seek clarity in our spiritual lives. We can look back and see clearly the mistakes we have made in our spiritual lives, the lack of effort, the blessings we have received, and even some of the positive growth and service we have contributed to. But when it comes down to it, we are always seeking better clarity and vision as we seek to be more like our Lord (Eph 5:1). So, in the spirit of this new year, 2020, I offer up three ways to improve your spiritual vision this year. 

  1. Wake Up in the Word – It is no secret that reading God’s Word is a required and encouraged habit of the faithful Christ follower (Matt 4:4; 1 Tim 4:13). But sometimes it is helpful for us to review what a blessing it is to read God’s Word. It is a light in a dark world (Ps 119:105). Faith comes from hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17). It helps us make the decision to not sin against God (Ps 119:11). Scripture is God breathed and useful for Christian growth and understanding (2 Tim 3:16).  It is simply a blessing to read the word of God (Rev 1:3). Seeking clarity, growing to know God, and maturing in the faith begin with the Bible. Challenge yourself to wake up each day reading the Word of God. 
  2. Improve Your Prayer Life – Prayer is powerful. Unfortunately, many do not realize the power of prayer, and maybe it is because many do not know how to pray. Are you seeking to improve your prayer life, but simply do not know how? Maybe these suggestions will help: 1. Start your day with prayer. 2. Count your blessings. 3. Don’t overthink it. 4. Have confidence in God. God desires to help us, but we must first cast our cares on Him (1 Pet 5:7). 
  3. Don’t Walk Alone –If we try to make plans and goals in this life but fail to mention God or lean upon Him, we are likely to fail (Jas 4:13-17). When we read through Scripture, we see those who are truly faithful have a major thing in common: they all depend heavily upon God. When we resolve to make changes in our lives, we must first include God. Then find people who are like-minded (brothers and sisters in Christ are recommended) and work together on the clarity you seek! 

With the same urgency we seek out solutions for our physical vision we should also have with our spiritual vision. While we will never reach the pinnacle of 20/20 spiritual vision and perfection, we still must seek this daily! With a new year comes a new day and new opportunities. How will you use this to go beyond the elementary doctrines of Christ and onto the more mature matters of faith (Heb 6:1-3). God loves you and so do I!

Our Weekly Petition

Dear Father,

Another day of worship has come to a close and we sincerely hope all we have said and done has pleased you. We deeply desire to praise and glorify your name. We strive to bring you honor.

As another week starts we seek your comfort. God please grant us the comfort we need to walk through this life. We pray you will grant us the confidence to live faithfully imitating you in all we do. We desire courage to boldly proclaim your Word.

If we fall this week we pray you will pick us up. If we become weak, make us strong. If we are tempted, help us to see the way of escape. Help us to resist the devil, flee temptation, and make it through the suffering. God, we pray for your blessings this week! Help us to live like you.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Our Weekly Petition


Your people exalt you on high! We desire to praise you, glorify your name, and honor you in all we do. It is our prayer that in every way this week we will shine brighter and brighter as we seek to imitate your Son, our Savior. As this week begins anew, we humbly approach you. We petition you for peace, patience, and perseverance.

  • May we persevere through the struggles of this week and come out in the end blessed and victorious.
  • May we have patience to listen when others speak, to be slow to talk, and to be thoughtful in our actions.
  • May we have the peace that surpasses understanding. A peace that will overcome. A peace that will comfort.

God, we pray that each day we will be mindful of what you have done for us through Jesus Christ. Thank you for that! Thank you for your loving grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Thank you time and time again! God, thank you! May all praise, glory, and honor be brought to you always!

In Jesus Name, Amen

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