Will You Enter Under Construction?

Will You Enter Under Construction?

There is nothing more important in this lifethan studying God’s Word. However, often times we do not comprehend what we study because we are not effectively reading. We simply don’t know how to read or study the Bible. Like the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) we are stuck reading without understanding, having no one to teach it to us. We should start by praying for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (James 1:5; Matthew 7:7).

Let me ask a question. Would you have a strong relationship with your spouse, sibling, parent, best friend, or significant other without ever talking to them? I remember as a teenager staying up to 2am or 3am on the phone with some girl I was dating (sorry Annalena, you’re my one true love). I even remember being so silly that we would stay on the phone while we fell asleep just so we “could be with each other”. I would wake up in the morning with a dead phone and my ear steaming. Don’t lie, you’ve done it too. Could you imagine ever building that strong of a relationship or desire to be with someone, without ever speaking or listening to them? Without getting to know them? Without communicating? All relationships are two way streets. Even our relationship with God. We will never have a true and strong relationship with God if we never communicate (read the Bible and pray) with Him. And if we don’t have a strong relationship with God how can we expect Him to bless us, hear our prayers, forgive our transgressions, heal our hearts?

Unfortunately I have heard things like, “Well sometimes reading the Bible is boring and it makes me fall asleep. And sometimes I just don’t understand what I’m reading”. I believe things that bore us and that cause us to fall asleep are things that we really don’t know much about, things that honestly don’t interest us. Like golf. Now maybe a few of you you like watching golf, but most of us put it on during Sunday afternoon just to get a better nap. That’s a bit fecicious, but my point is we will never be good at anything without practice. I believe that is partly a reason God gave us each other, the saints. We can help each other learn and stay accountable to God’s Word. This is a reason Bible studies with each other are so important. I need my brothers and sisters to help keep me accountable. I desire deep biblical discussion about hard hitting real life topics. I want to study God’s Word with you. I need this time together, we all do. Practice makes perfect. Practice educates. When we becomes educated on the Word of God we will find it less boring, less sleep provoking, and more understable. We will find joy in reading God’s Word and we will want more to increase our fulfillment. Studying together can help us learn how to read the Bible, talk with God, and grow a deeper and stronger relationship with Him.

But it all starts with the heart (Jeremiah 29:13). If we do not have a pure and longing heart after God we can never succeed in building a lasting and strong relationship with Him. There are many today who are like the pharisees. They worship with their mouth but their hearts are far from Him (Matthew 15:8). This is lip service. You say you know God but do you really know Him? Better yet does He know you? Are you paying Him lip service or is your heart in it too? When our heart is cleansed and pure we are more willing to make the daily sacrifices in order to give time to God and His people. We are more willing to study the Bible. We have a stronger desire to do His will, study His Word, worship and praise Him. Our heart needs to be in it.

Today we are the temple. (1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19). Our hearts are the center of the temple. Maybe we need to rebuild it just like the Israelites rebuilt the temple of God in the book of Ezra. The temple was where they went to communicate with God just like our hearts today. Notice in Ezra the sacrifices given continuouslly while rebuilding. Notice the difficulty and persecution the people had to endure. Notice the patience and the amount of years it took to complete. Notice all the kings that ruled while they rebuilt. Notice the lies people spoke of them while they did something truthful and pure. Notice the support system they had in each other in order to complete the project. Notice the unity and teamwork. Notice the devotion to God and His work that these people showed in order to rebuild their communication system to God. They LONGED to be with Him. Do you? We need to sacrifice, work in unity, build a support system, develop patience and accept that this change will not happen over night. We need to endure persecution and communicate for growth. We need devotion. We need God. We need Christ. We need each other.

How will you respond to God’s invitation to open His Word today? Take advantage of the time He has given us today to rebuild our hearts. Will you enter under construction?

Published by Mt. Zion Church of Christ

We are a friendly, loving congregation filled with people eager to serve God. We are not perfect, but in everything, we strive to be like Christ.

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