Running the Race

For the past few years Rachel and I have been going several times each week to Deibert Park to exercise. We usually run a mile in about 8 minutes, but yesterday Rachel had to teach Yoga class so I went to the park alone. I was going to try to run the mile in 7 and a half minutes, and I had it all planned out. However, I made two very serious mistakes. In my excitement, I started sprinting through the park! For a long-distance runner, this is a terrible mistake. After taking a two week break from running, my body was more accustomed to running to the couch, than around the park, but my brain, and my pride, told me I could do it. My other mistake was eating dinner 20 minutes before going running. It’s common sense not to run after you have eaten, but I ignored it. In the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t be pushing myself this hard, but did I listen? No.

I only made it half way through the first mile before exhaustion and sickness took over and I had to stop. I felt like such a pansy. I let my pride ruin my run at the park.

Pride is something we all must deal with. If I had just listened to my body, and used common sense, I wouldn’t have pushed myself so hard, and I would have had a perfectly good time. Instead, I listened to my pride as I thought back to my High School days when I could run two miles without breaking a sweat. As a result, I ended up on the side of the path, bent over, trying not to puke.

I think Proverbs 11:2 sums up my actions perfectly, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

– Lucas Suddreth

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