Silence. It is what ruled over the waters before God began creating. God, in the midst of the silence, spoke, and silence was no more. Since that time the universe has been a loud and noisy place. In Western culture, we thrive in this world. If you were to sit and watch the cars drive by you would notice that almost every one is filled with some kind of noise. Some of these drivers will be talking on their phones; others will be listening to music. We have found ourselves surrounded by this noise and distraction, yet we are comforted by it. Silence has now been deemed “awkward”.

I recently realized that I fall into this exact category! I found that while working I will hum, snap, sing out loud, clap, dance, tap my foot, listen to music, etc. I realized it is because I don’t like the silence! But every now and then I crave silence. It allows me to focus my thoughts on things above. It is in the silence that my mind wanders into new and exciting places. It is in this silence that I talk to God. It is where I speak to him and tell him my cares, worries, and thanksgivings.

Even though we may not particularly enjoy the silence, it is something we all need for healthy, productive lives. Our lives are so hectic that we often forget to sit and think, to sit and pray, to sit and read. Sometimes it feels great to sit in silence and ponder the magnificence of God. To come before him soul to soul, spirit to spirit.

Our days may be filled with noise and distraction but we must always find times to be silent and listen to God. Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nation,; I will be exalted in the earth!” When we are running around too busy for our own good we often forget about God, but the Lord says that we must be still and then know that He is Lord; that He is God!

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